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Welcome to Steamcraft

Steamcraft is a text-based freeform roleplaying game. Players take up the roles of the inhabitants of the Ironwall and the surrounding areas.

The world is at the end of a dark age and the dawn of a renaissance. Science and technology are becoming popular in Northern Astala, replacing the ignorance and superstition of past ages. In the City of Ironwall, alchemists and technologists create wondrous conveniences. Men of iron assist labourers in hauling heavy loads and belch plumes of smoke as they walk. Gunpowder firearms are beginning to replace swords as the weapon of choice among warriors, as a man can be struck dead from a distance with ease.

The Guild of Magi - an order of wizards who abolished the use of magic long ago - spearhead the advancement of technology. Though they are secretive of their masterpieces of science, they make efforts to protect the nations of man from uncontrolled fractures in reality caused by the sorcery of the past. Their silent soldiers are ever vigilant. No sorcery will go unpunished.

The mysteries of the past are not so easily forgotten to some. There are those who wish to hold on to their ancient power. In hidden lairs, sorcerers practice their forbidden art, away from the watchful eye of the Guild of Magi. Disregarding the warnings about fracturing reality, these unlawful people bends the laws of the universe to their will.

The internal rules of the Guild of Magi are unimaginably rigid and restricting. Many who wish to follow the same path but do not have the patience for Guild membership become sanctioned inquisitors. The Guild is glad to have such individuals in their service. Skilled and loyal inquisitors are often gifted artifacts of high science to help them seek out and destroy sorcerers.

The general populace are often oblivious to this silent war, but their lives are by no means boring. Ironwall sits on the border between two nations and tensions are high. Even though the city is well fortified, violence is not an uncommon sight within its walls. Nobles are constantly politicking and scheming for power and influence, as are the criminal lords of the undercity. Stuck in the middle are the common people, the working class and peasants. Their lives, while normally safe and repetitive, can be dotted with encounters with thieves, mercenaries or even monstrous beasts.

In the forests and wild places of the world live strange races of beastkin. Creatures that are half man, half animal. While officially recognised as 'people', these animalistic races are often looked down on by the majority of mankind. Because of this prejudice, the beastkin tend to make their homes away from the cities. In the forest near Ironwall is one beastkin settlement, built into great trees, high above the ground. To accomodate those more comfortable on the ground the settlement has a number of structures nearer the forest floor.


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